Dean’s Priority: Women’s Health & Economic Security

“I remember my mother wearing a green ‘ERA Now’ pin almost 50 years ago. As a member of Congress, I will champion the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and the advancement of women’s health, economic security, and reproductive freedom.”

– Dean Phillips

Dean’s Plan

Women still make $0.80 for every $1 a man makes, their healthcare is under attack, and the #MeToo movement has exposed the rampant sexism that still exists in our society. And while we cannot legislate decency, Dean’s plan will help level the playing field for women in the workplace and create equity in healthcare, wages and opportunity in these ways:

Equal pay for equal work

The Equal Pay Act was passed more than 50 years ago, and yet a substantial wage gap still exists between men and women — and particularly women of color. Dean will work to address this through increasing the minimum wage, making it easier for women to have families without jeopardizing their careers, and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act to combat wage discrimination.

Commonsense paid leave policies

Dean supports paid leave policies that would allow women — and men — to care for a newborn or aging family member without risk of losing their jobs or being demoted. Sensible leave policies are good for kids, parents and businesses, too.

Comprehensive health care coverage

Dean supports the protections provided in the Affordable Care Act that prevent women from being charged more than men, and he opposes efforts to repeal or undermine them. He is pro-choice and will work to ensure that women have access to comprehensive, high-quality and affordable care — including reproductive care — throughout their lives.

Eliminate harassment in the workplace

There is no place for harassment of any kind in the workplace. Sexual harassment, in particular, cannot be tolerated, and Dean supports efforts to educate workers and employers, hold violators accountable, and ensure safe and respectful workplaces for all people.

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