Dean’s Priority: Campaign Finance Reform

“No matter your number one issue, I ask that you make campaign finance reform your number two. The corrupting influence of special interest money in politics, and the time spent in its pursuit, are at the heart of the dysfunction in Washington, DC. Let’s begin to repair our government together.”

– Dean Phillips

Dean’s Plan

Dean is one of only seven known candidates in the country who refuses to accept money from PACs, special interest groups, federal lobbyists or members of Congress. While he ultimately supports overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, Dean believes these are the steps we can we can take in the meantime that would make a meaningful difference:

Increase transparency in political spending

Dean believes we must shine a bright light on the massive amount of so-called “dark money” being poured into our elections. That starts with passing the DISCLOSE Act, which would require public disclosure of all spending in elections. Dean also supports the Honest Ads Act, which would apply the same disclosure standards to online ads that are applied to all other political ads and would help curb foreign influence in online political advertising.

Lower contribution and expenditure limits

Dean supports lowering contribution and spending limits, and he wants to enhance efforts to encourage greater participation from Americans contributing at lower dollar amounts. That way, candidates would have the ability to raise the resources they need from a broader base of people, rather than relying on a small number of wealthy donors.

Reduce the influence of outside spending

Dean supports the Get Foreign Money Out of Elections Act, which would close a campaign finance loophole that allows American-registered but foreign-owned and controlled corporations to funnel unlimited amounts of money into U.S. elections. And Dean signed the People’s Pledge to discourage spending by outside special interest groups.

Close the revolving door of money and influence

Dean will work to close the so-called “revolving door” that exists between members of Congress and individuals working in federal government who then cash in on their connections and influence by taking lucrative lobbying jobs. He also supports barring political appointees from lobbying for five years after serving in the Executive Branch.

Restore faith in our democracy and increase participation

Dean believes Election Day should be a national holiday to afford more Americans the opportunity to exercise their right and responsibility to vote. He also supports electoral reforms —  including requiring states to establish independent, multi-party citizen redistricting commissions, and expanding same-day voter registration nationwide.

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