Get Out the Vote!

It’s GOTV time — time to shift into high gear to be sure every Dean supporter votes on or before November 6th. Our research shows that there are about 50,000 people in CD-3 who may not vote — but who would likely support Dean if they did. GOTV is our last chance to engage these people, ask them to vote, and get them any information they need about where and how they can vote.

This is the most important thing you can do to help win this race.

Volunteer door-knocking is the purest form of voter contact. In a close political race, as in a close football game, a good “ground game” can mean the difference between winning and losing. Be a difference-maker in our ground game, as #DeanTeam volunteer Gretchen has. “I must get out,” she says. “I must be part of this massive effort.”

Voting early lets people save their best excuses for other another day.

Many things can happen to prevent someone from voting on Election Day — illness, work deadlines, forgetfulness, bad weather, etc. The best way to get our supporters to vote is to encourage, inspire and mobilize them to vote early. Because we can track early voting, we can stop further calling and canvassing efforts, saving time, energy and money.

Why Door-Knock?

Every Vote Counts!
Midterm elections always have a drop-off in turnout from general (presidential) elections every four years. And unseating a five-term incumbent is no easy feat; the result on November 6th may well turn on our ability to engage Dean supporters who may or may not vote.

Door-Knocking Works!
Exhaustive research shows that face-to-face conversations between volunteers and voters are one of the most effective ways to persuade people to support a candidate and to vote. That’s especially important in elections like ours, where we’re being outspent 5-to-1, and the airwaves are clogged with false and misleading attack ads.

QuickStart Guide

Sign Up!
Click here to sign up for a shift at one of our seven CD-3 action centers.

Download MiniVAN
To help direct our work, we encourage volunteers to download an app called MiniVAN. It’s available for both iPhones and Android phones. This will allow us to ensure that you spend as much time as possible talking to voters during your volunteer shifts.

Do Some Homework
When you get to the action center, we’ll do a training and make sure you’re all ready to go. But if you want to do a little reading first, check out Dean’s Priorities on the campaign website, or download a PDF of those priorities here.